Secure Industrial Controls

Don't expose your factory to the Internet: Token based Infrastructure for Productive Facilities



Forecast energy usage, optimize energy consumption, and streamline factory operations. Save on energy costs and improve operational performance.

Factories continuously optimize their production processes based on changing factory conditions. It has never been so easy to forecast sensors into the future to visualize consumption trends, and understanding how decision made today will affect energy consumption tomorrow.


Prevent complex machine failures, identify root causes of issues, and optimize maintenance schedules. Minimize factory downtime, and production efficiency, and automatically detect anomalous patterns of many machines.

Industrial machines operate in increasingly interconnected processes. Identifying the root cause of production line stoppage where machines affect other machines can be difficult, especially without taking machines offline. With AuthLed you can optimize servicing and upkeep by customizing your maintenance schedule, automatically prioritizing servicing of machines that are likely to fail in the near future, and planning maintenance schedules to maximize factory uptime.


Discovering hidden factors that affect quality, predicting flaws of future products, and optimizing production in capital investment heavy industries is traditionally tricky. With AuthLed you can cut production costs today and prevent headaches for tomorrow by reducing testing and monitoring overhead.

AuthLed can help you to continuously predict the quality of your production, automatically identifiying production inputs and settings that affect critical quality metrics, and foreseeing which products are likely to present process-originated flaws.

1 Technology, 3 Products.

AuthFactory Industrial Analytics is one of the 3 Products built on AuthLed Technology. Where there is a fleet, there is an AuthLed solution helping you with its management!

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