Advanced Drone Deployment

When complicated missions require more than just pilots: realtime monitoring of drone security, automation, flight times, and geo paths.


Complex Missions

By AuthLed Drone Fleet Management you can achieve unparalled security and realtime fleet monitoring capabilities.

By adopting a Smart Contracts based infrastructure, each fleet unit is granted a defined geofenced roaming freedom, set of behaviours, and interactive euristics with the rest of the fleet. Furthermore, according to these parameters, each unit can be configured to charge a specific rate for each behaviour, stream, or minute of fly.

Automated Management

By leveraging on 5G networking capabilities and a distributed ledger economy, each sensor in your infrastructure can cryptographically authenticate with a specific drone probe.

You can program each probe drone to automatically patrol a set of sensors, across your areas of interest. A distributed ledger will make sure that each sensor fingrprint is recognized by your Organization, as long as by all Organization sharing the same Ledger. Each single sensor unit read is secured and recorded within the Ledger, making sure that information is not only intact, but restricted to authorized parties.

Cost Efficiency

Forget about pilots, supervisors, and dedicated teams of managers and engineers. With AuthLed empowered Drone Fleets, one person can be programmatically in charge of each and every aspect of the mission.

By planning and deploying meshes of sensors and probes, a single engineer is able to perform better than multiple dedicated teams of specialists. And cryptographic security means that if at any time during the mission the mesh gets physically or remotely compromised, there is no way for the attacker to retrieve any sort of useful information from any element of the infrastructure.

1 Technology, 3 Products.

AuthFly Drones Deployment Analytics is one of the 3 Products built on AuthLed Technology. Where there is a fleet, there is an AuthLed solution helping you with its management!

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