Realtime Traffic Management:

New Frontiers for Air Mobility

We leverage low power high range technologies in order to address the new challenges posed by low altitude air traffic.

Coonnectivity Monitoring

Unprecedented Connectivity

Unmanned Air Traffic Management requires fault tolerant, secure, and performant networking systems that can support 100% uptime operational requirements. We employ state of the art networking technologies in order to guarantee a robust bidirectional link between your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Nodes, and your Control Center.

Transportation scenarios that were unconceivable up to now, such as Dynamic Geofencing, On-The-Fly Risk Assessment, Surge Tolls (dynamic pricing according to congestion and demand), Bid-4-Access (auctioning of a predetermined accessibilty quotas for specific areas), and many more, can be implemented on a 3 bidirectional channels backbone:

Audiovideo Link

Low Latency: Authled UTM employs a proprietary protocol in order to stream audio and video back to your Command and Control Center. When On-the-fly audio and video analyses require sub-second point to point latency, we can deliver close to instant media under the direst conditions.

High Redundancy: When latency is not an issue, fine tuning networking parameters can be optimized in order to increase redundancy, and feed high quality streams to post-hoc video analyses, and automation algorithms.

Multiple Channels: Protocol Secure Encryption and multichannel sharding provide a mean to distribute bandwidth across multiple private and public channels, according to mission contingencies.

Telemetry Link

End to End Solution: AuthLed protocols provide a way to deploy private End-To-End stationary and mobile networks, which can completely managed under client's premises. Rugged hotspots, gateways, and module ensure long lasting operational capability under unpredicatble conditons.

Low Power: AuthLed uses low power networking hardware and software: depending on tradeoffs between bandwidth and requirements and network surface and density, telemetry can last several days on a single battery charge.

Proven Security: Once encrypted, data streams from Authled UAS modules can securely travel through public or private networks, with no effect on infrastructure, performance and scalability.

Fencing Link

Dynamic Geofencing: Authled can be used to inhibit functionality of UAS according to diverse factors, such as location, weather, specific events, and paranormative contingencies. GUI interfaces can be used in order to file, approve, and negotiate flight requests, by both Privates and Organizations.

On-The-Fly Authorization Requests: Realtime flight fencing capabilities enable Command and Control Centers to negotiate flight authorizations according to heterogeneous parameters, such as pilots' licenses, insurance contracts, public events, number of flight requests, weather, and type of UAS.

Surge Tolls: Whenever flight requests are higher in number than the fly slots that safety and economics allow for, on-the-fly geofencing alleow Command and Control Center operators to enable clients to bid for the available flytime.

Realtime Dashboard

Minimize idle time and boost fleet profitability by deploying, monitoring, and optimizing your fleet through AuthLed Dashboard. Tweaking and tuning in realtime each item of your feet, both manually and programmatically, has never bee so easy.

A constant stream of insights over the metrics of your fleet will allow you to rapidly draw a picture of your pilots, and take full control over their goals and workflows, increasing your business' efficiency and driving growth.

Top Notch Telemetry

By combining different protocols accroding to latency, bandwith, and coverage requirements, you will be able to connect on the fly with each device in your fleet. You will easily authorize or inhibit specific fleet behaviours, both simple and complex, according to fleet items' location, usage parameters, user's behaviours, and many other mission contextual factors.

A dynamic geofencing technology will make it seamless for the user to purchase specific fleet items and functionalities, progressively unlocking fleet capability, thus allowing clients to experiment in their mission with maximum flexibility.

End to End Solution

The spectrum of fleet management capabilties offered by AuthLed is made possible by the conjoined development of the product along 3 axes. At the core of the platform there is the Hardware Networking layer, which lays the bases for security and performance.

The second axis is Networking Link: each and every bit of fleet usage is linked to the mobile and control center through multiple protocols and multiple channels: clean communication ensures clean data streams. Once high quality data reach the control center, it can be inputed to the thrid layer, which consists in business and operational intelligence.

1 Technology, 3 Products.

AuthTraffic Traffic Analytics is one of the 3 Products built on AuthLed Technology. Where there is a fleet, there is an AuthLed solution helping you with its management!

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